Use Windows 10 in Sticky Notes - Computer User Must Know
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Often we need to search on the computer and need to note those things instantly. Whenever you work in the office, you will also need to make an immediate note, for which you can send files of MS Word or Notepad files will open but today we are going to talk about a special feature of Windows that will work for you - Use Windows 10 Sticky Notes - Computer User Must Know

Use Sticky Notes Windows 10 Computer User Must Know in Hindi


That feature is Sticky Notes. First of all, to open Sticky Notes, go to the Windows Start bar and type STI and then there you will see the icon of the sticky note first, open it. Make it open, yellow notes will come on your computer screen
The most important thing about the sticky note is that it does not need to be saved, it remains on the computer screen, if you type any information on this sticky note and even computer shut down and whenever you open your computer you will get a sticky Note that you will find where you left off earlier you save what drives you sticky note it will not need to remember 

it always remains on the desktop Land if we put on a sticky note and copy if anything from any website will be Hindi or English copy of both languages rest upon him, we will not need to change any font 
But the Hindi that you see here will be the display of Unicode font. There will not be a display of the text and the Devlash font here. Sticky Note also has the option of sticky note for different colors. Here you can pick, sky, white, etc. Color options are available You can make many sticky notes at a time, for that you just have to press Control N and a new sticky note will open. Stems can also Sticky Note the need to create 

if you Sticky notes must press the W with the control that is willing to give up if you want to stop by Czech to a note you with control sift Pressing the tab is going to come out of the sticky notes one by one, for more information you can see the video given above.

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Published on: 6/18/19, 3:08 PM